The first punch landed with a splat against my cheek.  I barely felt it.  I think I was grinning so maniacally at that point that my cheeks were already tensed up, absorbing the blow without much damage.  It caught me off guard and staggered me back a step or two.  I didn’t take my eyes off of the object of my fixation though.  Well, at least not until the second blow landed.  This time in the gut.  My breath left me in a gush and I bent over, nearly double, cradling my stomach.

For a moment, I lost sight of my prize.  I saw only the rocks and grass at my feet.  Struggling to catch my breath I stood up straight again and smiled as my vision locked again just over the shoulder of this behemoth that was pummeling me.  This time the punch to the face hurt.  I’m pretty sure I heard the loud crunch of my nose breaking as his fist connected.  I know I tasted blood.

This blow actually knocked me off of my feet.  I sprawled backward into the bushes that lined the side of the house.  Groaning with the fire that seemed to be consuming my face.  WOW!!! That hurt like hell!!  The behemoth was yelling something at me now, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying.  Having rebounded off of the bushes, I was lying on my stomach inches from his feet.  Lord, please don’t let him be pissed off enough that he’s going to kick me…

As the ringing in my head began to taper off, I’m was able to make out what he was shouting, “Get up you little bastard!!” or something to that effect.  He moved to the side of me and kicked me hard in the upper thigh. “Get up!!”

With a Herculean effort, I pushed myself up, unsteadily rising to my feet.  I glanced back at what had been holding my rapt attention in disappointment.  The moment was gone, time to retreat.  I tried to find my way around this bruiser,  tried to find my way to the street so I could get home and nurse my broken face.  He shoved me, roughly.  I hit the side of the house with a sickening thud. My head slammed against the paneling with a sickening crack.  I prayed that it was the wood and not my skull that split.  The sasquatch grabbed the front of my shirt, holding me upright so he could deliver another punch to my face.  “I’ll show you!!” he bellowed, “You fuckin’ pervert!!”

We were both startled by a scream from above us.  “STOP IT!!!”  The shrill voice came from directly over our heads, from the bathroom window.  Cyndi was leaning out of it, her face filled with horror and a bit of fear.  “What the hell is wrong with you??”  The light behind her shimmered on her wet golden hair, creating a nimbus of light around her. Her robe was pulled tightly around her now, I guess she’d finished drying after her shower before sticking her head out the window to see what the commotion was about.  Despite my blood spattered face and probably already swollen nose, despite the pain in my gut, and the pounding in my head, I managed a weak smile.

Jared, her older brother still held me, his fist ready for that final blow. “This little perv was watching you!!”  he yelled, much too loudly for my throbbing head.

She looked down at me then, perhaps a slight flicker of recognition in her eyes.  I could see that she was torn, emotionally.  Angry at having been spied on.  Embarrassed she had just stepped out of the shower, and I’d probably seen her drying off and putting on her lotion before the pummeling began.  Concerned, because I’m sure I looked a mess.  Hopefully I didn’t look as bad as I felt.  After an appraising second, she said, “Let him go Jared, he’s just a kid.”

“But..” Jared began, obviously wanting to pummel me a bit more.

“Let him go, you’ve beat him up enough.  He’ll never do it again.”  With a pointed look at me she asked, “Will you?”

I was a bit miffed at being called “just a kid.” She was only a few years older than me after all.  She’s a senior though, and I guess we’re all kids to her.  I shook my head in a silent promise that I’ll never peep on her again.

“Let him go,” she repeated with finality.

With reluctant glare, Jared gave me a hard shove in the direction of the street. “If I ever see you around here again, you’ll get worse!” he promised.

I made my way toward the street, toward home.  Jared was making his way back into the house through the side door and was quickly out of sight.  Cyndi was still leaning out the window, watching me leave, a curious expression on her face.  If you asked me today, I would still swear there was a slight smile on those lips as I walked away.

So was it worth it?

Yeah..  It was worth it…



06/23/2016 7:51pm

I can't quite fathom the point of this story, but the kids sure, are really curious creatures. I don't know if he deserved to be beaten by Jared or not. However, he clearly deserved a mouthful of scolding from his parents. Seriously, why would he peek at the girl? Why would that have been worth it? Tell me that's worth it when he's fine if his mom confiscated his smartphone.

07/05/2017 5:15pm

I am not really sure how to react. I remember about ten years ago, I caught a young boy maybe twelve staring at me and I just slapped him. My boy friends were like "What did the boy do?" and they scolded me for slapping him without a reason. I guess we all tend to react depending on our mood for the day. Today if I caught someone peeking at my bathroom window, if he is ugly I will throw boiling water at him. If he is cute, I don't know. I really don't know.

10/17/2016 1:49am

Is it a real story? If it is real - you are a bit creepy person.

01/04/2017 11:08am

You made your decision and here we go. I don't know what would I choose, honestly.


You see after reading such stories I always want to write the same one.

04/14/2017 1:33am

At first I felt bad for the character that was getting beat up, but when I found out the reason well he deserves it. I think Jared is doing what he think is right because the one being spied on is his sister so he easily got mad. The last part of the story is disturbing since he already got beaten up and thought that it was worth it because Cyndi was smiling when he should be feeling sorry. Some of the words are too deep in the story so changing it may be good if you want to. If you ever plan on doing this I hope it's not going to contain a lot of fighting and disturbing content.


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